“VOID” Cards

You Should Have Had Them for the 2016 Election Season!

goohf-voidGOOHF cards printed with a large “VOID” indelibly stamped across the front are a tangible way to send a message to Washington …or your state capitol. Or, heck, your parliament, should you not be in the USA.

Your own Fist of Defiance that shows you plan to hit them where it hurts: in the ballot box! A message that plainly says “I’m voting against YOU.”

The front of this GOOHF card has a huge “VOID” across it, semi-transparent so they can see what they’re missing. On the back, it’s really spelled out: “VOID: Not Valid for Any Politician who has ‘sinned’ against our country.” and just below, in red type: “By presenting this card, this voter pledges to vote against you for favoring special interests and/or yourself over us.”

Printed in full color (both sides) on heavy card stock with a glossy finish.

The card is available in several quantities, including a Jumbo pack of 500ish cards for those of you with mass “Clean out Washington” desires.

Works equally well against incumbents or wanna-bes. Federal, state, or local. If you’re Mad as Hell and Aren’t Going to Take it Anymore, this is a way to send a real message well before election day. Drop one in their donation boxes. Put one in their post-paid return envelope in lieu of a check. It’s a great visual way to send a serious message.

Randy came up with the idea for the “VOID” GOOHF card in 2005, but this is the first time you’ve been able to order them.

Sorry, Sold Out: No Longer Available.


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