Call Center? Hell Indeed.

My husband and I work for a large call center, doing telephone customer service. The company we work for has several different call centers in operation around the country. However, our call center is the only one open 24 hrs a day.

On Sundays, only one section of the call center is scheduled to work, and that's about 20 agents, give or take, depending on how many have quit during the previous week. That leaves roughly 20 agents handling calls from all over the country for our company's approximately 12 million customers. Hold times routinely reach 40-60 minutes BEFORE a customer gets to talk to a real live person on Sunday nights. Needless to say, we talk to a lot of very unhappy people!

For some crazy reason, the company always schedules new agents to start out on Sundays as their first day out of training, meaning this is their baptism by fire. My husband carries your GOOHF cards, and used to pass them out to the newbies on that first day. Unfortunately, after going through a Sunday night in Hell, we found that a lot of the newbies would (obviously) cash in their GOOHF cards, because they'd never come back!

So my husband has started delaying the bestowal of GOOHF cards until an agent has been working for at least a week or so. After that time frame, most totally GET the concept. And I'll tell you right now: the day I finally walk out of that place, I fully intend to write my resignation on the back of a GOOHF card!

—Charlie, Utah